March 17, 2010

A Respond to the Call of 100 Civil Society Group

Bandar Baru Bangi, 01 R. Akhir = 17 Mac (Wed.):

In a democratic country and in civil society any citizen has the right to express his idea and up to the society to accept or reject. If the individual has the right so the civil societies and NGOs have more than right and needed to respect. In Malaysia the political parties, especially BN are too dominant. They monopoly the medias and they channeled to people one side information. As they have the powers and money although the oppositions have their own medias, but they could not challenge the support of the medias they have. The people sometimes are mislead and confused.

Here the part that civil society and NGOs could play and clarify issues that raised in society as they are trusted and respected.

The 100 Civil Society called all Malaysian especially those who were given the power to respect the voters that referred to four members of parliament and four state assembly already crossed over from their respected parties. The act of gang of the eight is a breach of trust of voters and their former parties. The act not only must be condemned, but must be brought to court of the law. However the 'jumping party' is not consider as a crime that could bring the jumpers to the court to prevent the elected candidate to jump. The best way to prevent the 'jumping' is to amend article 48(6) in the Federal Constitution and follow by states constitution that any elected representative could vacant his seat and resign or if he is crossover the seat automatically vacant and a new election be held to choose a new elected representative. By the amendment could prevent the bad representative that not respect the voters and contradict the will of the people. The representatives are genuinely the people choose of the parties whether they are in government or in opposition.

As far as we knew that was not a new suggestion. The true is if the government accept by amend the article that stop the chance for the government tackle the elected representatives to government side as practiced or at least to weaken the opposition when the elected representatives jumped out of the opposition as an independent. That why suggestion to amend the article ignored.

The 100 Civil Society acknowledge the other aspect that neglected by Federal Government that the formation of Malaysia based on agreement that The Federal has the rights such as defend, immigration, security etc, the states have their own rights such land, mineral, religious, however the Federal Government acted double standard, especially toward the opposition states such as petrol royalty. Federal Government is not ready to pay the royalty of petroleum to Kelantan State Government as stated in Petroleum Agreement between the Federal Government and the State and mislead the agreement. The States have the right to get yearly grant from government according the percentage of revenue from the state governments. However the Federal Government acted double standard toward the opposition state government. The Federal Government got the highest revenue from Selangor State Government, however the Grant given to Selangor not accord the percentage revenue from Selangor. The Federal Government interfere and involve in water supply and try to monopoly the management of water in Malaysia. The Federal Government need to respect the agreement. In fact the 100 Civil Society suggest the Federal Government must treat equally not only state government but members of Parliament and State Assemblymen without discrimination regardless party that they affiliated in terms of grants, subsidies, allocation and support.

The 100 Civil Society suggested to elected local government representatives. We agree it in principal. But the disparity between the town and village must be eradicated. For the time being the villagers were not put under 'Majlis Perbandaran' but under 'Pejabat Daerah'. They need equally treatment and have the right of the development. If they have the equal rights so they have the right to choose local elect representatives.

We agree to 100 Civil Society suggestion that all citizen have the right the equal treatment, so all anti human rights legislation be replaced and all politically motivated investigations and prosecution must be stopped.

To build human right is to build human integrity and lead to human civilization.

Thank you.

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