February 16, 2010

Why Khairy Jamaluddin and Ibrahim Ali Blame Only Australian Members of Parliament ?

BBB, 01 Rabiul Awwal = 15 February (Monday):

Khairy Jamaluddin Youth Leader of Umno and Ibrahim Ali Leader of Perkasa an NGO and both are Parliament members of Malaysia and both of them consider themselves champions of Malays. Both of them, although Ibrahim Ali Won Pasir Mas Parliament on Pas ticket, however he likes Khairy tend to defend Umno in many cases. In case sodomy of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim leader of Malaysia Opposition and rival leader of Umno and Umno itself, Ibrahim together with Khairy critic and blame 50 Australian members of Parliament that sent letter of protest to government of Malaysia and urged Malaysia Government to withdrew and dropped the case of sodomy. Both of them accused the members of parliament and the Australia Government interfere the internal policy and law of Malaysia that might damage the good relationship between both countries.

Do the stand of Khairy and Ibrahim on the right path? Is it wrong in our global society if we think something wrong like the suppression of Israel toward the Palestine and killing of Afghanistan people by Americans and Nato that lead us to protest? That the same analogy brought the Australian Members of Parliament to protest. Sometimes it is better for us to be rational and open minded and tend to examine our stand and mind too.

To our surprise if both Khairy and Ibrahim champions of Malays and Umno too ? There are documents that not less subtle of the sodomy case that accused. I am here just to copy from two international magazines that reported the case and readers can judge from it:

1) Time, February 15, 2010, page 7: Briefing The Moment.

2/2/10: Kuala Lumpur: … for sodomy that Anwar Ibrahim faces is also a trial for his country, Malaysia. Anwar contends that the fresh charge is yet another attempt by the authorities to jail and sideline him - … the case reflects in part a national struggle for identity: in a nutshell, to be a conservative or progressive society.

2) The Economist February 6th – 12th 2010, page 29: There they go again.

" … Mr Saiful worked briefly for Mr Anwar in 2008, when he was 23. During the same period, he was seen with aides of Najib Razak, then deputy prime minister and prime minister since last April. Mr Anwar accuse Mr Najib and his wife of a conspiracy to frame him and says they should testify. Mr Najib insists he has nothing to do with the case.
Umno has been scheming to weaken the opposition, which won the five out of 13 states in March 2008 elections that stunned the ruling coalition. Last year it seized back one of those states, Perak, by hiring defectors. Then it tried, in vain, to peel off an Islamic party in Mr Anwar's alliance. An anti corruption agency has been mobilized to dig opposition dirt, with disastrous results in the case of Teoh Beng Hock, a political aide who died last July after falling out of a window while in the agency's costudy.
Mr Anwar's trial is a much more potent weapon for Umno, both as a blot on the opposition leader's image and a distraction from his politicking. Umno owned Media will harp on the sordid details, just as they did in the first trial when a semen-stained mattress was hauled into court.

Justify Full.. Mr Najib is desperate to attract with promises of a more open and less Umno dominated economy. His government`s image is already dented by corruption scandals, including a multi billion dollar project at Port Klang that has been dogged by accusations of mismanagement and cronyism. Some Malaysians may be wondering why such matters seem to generate less heat than Mr Anwar's alleged transgressions."

The quotations from both international magazines – Time and The Economist more dangerous compare with the Australian Members of Parliament protest Both of the magazines not only touch about sodomy, but about the integrity of Prime Minister and his wife, Umno and BN, corruption in Malaysia and law of Malaysia itself. Why Khairy, Ibrahim and the latest joined the condemnation Shafie Apdal are not sensitive to the statements both of the magazines ? Khairy, Ibrahim and Shafie Apdal not only can critic and condemn, but take legal action through Umno !

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