June 2, 2010

A Day Regional Conference On Knowledge Integration In ICT 2010

Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya, 18 J. Awal = 01 June (Tuesday):

Thank you to Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (KUIS) Bangi for invitation me to attend Regional Conference On Knowledge Integration In ICT 2010. More than that I felt really honoured when I was invited to deliver a paper – Dakwah And ICT, in a highly academic conference. At least, for me, the field related to IT that would discuss is relatively new. The conference is co-organized by KUIS and Universiti Komputer Indonesia. More than 80 papers would be delivered in co-current sessions. As the conference is a regional, so the papers are not only from universities in Malaysia and Indonesia, but as far as Fon University Macedonia, Mindanao State University, Philippine, University of Horin, Horin, Nigeria and King Saud University Riyadh.

The Conference was ceremonial opened by Y.B. Rodziah Binti Ismail Exco of Welfare, Woman Affair, Science and Technology, Innovation and Culture. In her speech she said, that our universities must be not left out, but must excel in Science, Technology and IT. In fact we must not just as follower in IT, but be in front line of innovation. She too mentioned the golden time of Islam, where Muslim Intellectual led in various field of knowledge like Ibn Battutah who traveled to many parts of the world and Ibn Rushd and Ibn Sina both well known in science and Philosophy. She wants muslim intellectuals to do research in Islamic Biology such as Maurice Bucaille from French, who had studied biology under Quranic facts and he got the truth and brought him to Islam. The study of the other disciplines with various method and used the IT could made our believe in God stronger. Y.B. Puan Radziah mentioned that out target of progress not only by 2020, but far beyond that time and unending.

Rector of KUIS Prof. Dato' Dr Aziuddin bin Ahmad in his massage thanked for the unexpected respond of participants regionally and internationally. He predicts that, "These papers will give solutions to issues concerning Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch in human development. Hi-Tech is where people strive for inventing new technology for the sake of human convenience in this life. While Hi-Touch is dealing with the time consumed to produce such innovation."

Prof. Dato' Aziuddin added that, "The Conference On Knowledge Integration On ICT aims to provide an excellent opportunity to share and exchanged ideas, practice, technologies and applications in the process of integrating knowledge in information technology and communication."

I could not participate during the delivering and discussion of papers after delivering my paper and attending the opening session as I have very strict time, but reading the various papers of the conference at glance, we belief that each one could benefit from the research and experience of others. By the Conference at regional level that KUIS could promote that institution to local and regional students. We hope KUIS will be an established Institution in this country, especially in IT and application to other disciplines and attract local students and oversea to study at KUIS.

Thank you.

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