December 2, 2009

Are We Outside The Focus?

Looking at the local political, especially our own party situation, are we in the state of political pollution and out of focus? If yes the question, who are the masterminds behind that problem? Of cause they are our political enemies that unending working to ruin our capabilities and capacities.

Have you remembered during the first year of our Pakatan Rakyat ? We were, by the support of people strongly confident that Pakatan not only would increase powers in the five states under Pakatan, but would take over the Federal Government in the next 13th election. Today ask yourself genuinely still that confident remains in your heart and mind ? If not so, why?
The political landscape changed due to many factors. The main factor that the political enemies took every opportunity to weaken Pakatan by any way that justified the mean such as took over the Perak Government illegally last February.

Perak black episode inspired our political enemies to infiltrate Selangor the strong Pakatan Government. But the approach at the beginning more persuasive rather than crook. They set the date line to took over Selangor last August and they drummed the issue of abandoning Pakatan and forming an alliance with Umno to unite the Malay and strong of Islam. They divided the followers of Pas according to different ideas of the top leaders including from Selangor, that gave an impact of bad result for the Manik Urai by election in the middle of last July. But the confusion among the Pas followers could regain confident in a conference held later.

Selangor as a second state to regain by BN remained the priority target, although they failed the first attempt dated August 2009, but they set another date March 2010 for their second attempt. The approach is different from the last. Through the MCC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), they launched investigation toward the Exco member that brought the death of Teoh Beng Hock a political Secretary to one of the Exco, they stirred the mass with the issues of wine and cow head and they attacked the leaders of Selangor Pas in relating the critic of Selcat and counter-attacked that brought some of them facing the party tribunal. Our enemy too snatched one of our state assemblyman to their side.

It seems during that time plus the inner problems of Kelantan Government created by enemies, Pas facing the complicated issues not only by the outsider enemies, but by our own hands that played by enemies that set back our jihad and struggle. We feel that we are more on working to repair the damages that we have done and played by enemies rather than strengthen our party, maintain the people support and working toward to take over the Federal Government. More or less, we must accept that they have infiltrated our stability and made some of us in confused and raised the question that, are we outside the focus? And are we in state of defensive rather than aggressive?

We must return to spirit of Much 2008 that we were strong that put our enemies psychologically small and defeated. We must seek any opportunity to annihilate them such as we have stopped our student and state government servant to attend the BTM. We can take action against Ministry of Education that stopped us from their schools and against the Federal Government reduced allocation to Selangor. We must standstill, brave, lead, aggressive and not defensive.

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