January 20, 2011

The Call Of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association

BBB, 15 Safar = 20 January (Thursday):

We appreciate and respect the above association which circulate letters to whom
The association chose. The call is to change the energy of this planet from negative to positive, from destructive to constructive that we must reclaim our human dignity and return to our original benevolent self, we must uphold the principle of non-violence and peace by:

• Support human life: End killing of people. All killing and torturing of humans, which breed violence and negative destructive energy, must stop in order to prevent further suffering and death from wars, disasters, epidemics and other calamities.
• Support co-inhabitant life: A staggering 55 billion land animals, eight times the entire global human population, are killed for human consumption every year. This translates to an estimated 150 million beings massacred every day, or 1,744 beings slain each second. Billions more fish perish at our hands. Thus we must do away with fisheries, animal product and animal factory farms. Laboratory testing involving cruelty to animals must also stop. A blood debt is owed for each individual life taken.
• End all kind of wars. Wars and weapons claim lives at an unconscionable cost. Apart from the emotional, psychological, physical, mental and spiritual tolls.
Wars must be ended. The weapons production business must decrease to zero’
• Start to vegan diet. This is not dictating personal lifestyles; this the only viable emergency course to ensure the survival of humans and the planet. We must stop the killing and stop the primary cause of climate change.
• Start subsidies for organic vegan farming by helping farmers transition and succeed in this sector, thus ensuring national and world food security while mitigating global warming.

Organic vegan farming benefits include:

• 40% of atmospheric C02 absorbed if the world`s tillable soil is organically farmed
• Contamination of soil and water from antibiotics, dangerous bacteria and excessive nitrates in animal from manure eliminated.
• Pollution from chemical fertilizer and pesticide runoff eliminated
• Biodiversity and ecosystems restored
• Food supplies safe and nutritious for all humans
• Save 80% of global climate change mitigation costs
• Stop global warming for good.

We support your `call`. Let us save our planet and our only home world.

Thank you

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