January 2, 2010

New Year: A Glimpse of Political Situation of Malaysia

2009 has gone and brought together bitterness and sweetness of the year. For the political parties 2009 brought more competitions and challenges compared with the 2008. For the government under Barisan Nasional (BN) and opponents under Pakatan Rakyat (PR) both had tried hard to win the hearts and support of the people. For the beginning after the Much 2008 election until the middle of 2009 PR seemed secured in moving to replace BN in the next 13th general election. The undemocratic took power of Perak Government by BN in the early February 2009 was not reduced the support of the people. In fact made the people angry and against BN that could proof by the defeated of BN in many small elections from Kuala Terengganu (17 January) to Bukit Gantang (7 April), Bukit Selambau (7 April), Penanti (31 May), Permatang Pasir ((25 August), but declined in Manik Urai (14 July) and defeated in Batang Air (7 April) and Bagang Pinang, Port Dickson (10 October).

2009 showed the aggressive of BN and against the reality that the people rejected BN and the decline of BN itself, however the political undemocratic practice as they robbed Perak drives BN to take over Selangor that they adjusted their target from August last year to January of this new year or if they still fail, it may be adjust to next Much. To realized the madness of power in Selangor one after another unfruitful attempts to ousted PR from Selangor such as accused MB of Selangor repaired and serviced his car with the state money, although that the car used as official and state function, question the money bought the cows for Hari Raya Haji for his Parliament area of Tun Razak, question the amount of money he borrowed from the Islamic bank. They created issues such as about Kuil in section 23 in Shah Alam, the issue of wine that strict for non muslim and could not sell openly in muslim majority. DAP as a member of PR seriously attacked by BN to weaken PR such case of Elizabeth Wong, the death of Teoh Beng Hock and the case of harassment to Ronnie Liu`s worker.

Compared the three components of parties in PR – Keadilan DAP and PAS, it seemed that the ideological party could stand firmly and their members more committed to their party rather than non ideology party. In that case Keadilan as a party less ideological brought more problems to PR such case of black days of Pakatan Government in Perak in February, that Keadilan members withdrew created the problems of Pakatan Government in Perak, so the case of ADUN Pelabuhan Kelang withdrew from Pakatan and declare himself as an independence last October, but incline to BN, while DAP which committed to socialist ideology more committed to their party although one of it members withdrew from Perak DAP, but it is an abnormal. However in Pakatan itself sometimes DAP could not control it member took action that damage the Pakatan itself such as a member of DAP in the state assembly of Kedah declared himself as an independent in July. In all of the three parties Pas is the strongest that not only as an ideological party, but Islamic Party that it members could be trusted, committed and responsible to their faith. So it is not a normal for a Pas member to jump out of the party. For that reason BN took a different approach to weakend the party and PR itself such as invite Pas to cooperate with BN, exploited the different ideas among the top leaders of PAS, accused Pas as a tool of DAP and shaken the leaders and Pas in Kelantan.

However BN itself in defending power the government of the day is not really in secure. The nearly defeated of BN in Much 2008 haunted BN. Dato` Seri Najib as Prime Minister created a slogan `One Malaysia` to unite and get solid support from people, however while the BN popularize the slogan more divided happened in BN, the most critical divided is in MCA between President, deputy President, Vice president and their followers that until now still could not settled. The disputed happened in PPP and the new party just formed – Makkal Sakti, as well as MIC itself still not recovered that lacked support from the Indians. Meanwhile UMNO himself suffered the lack of support from the Malay, as playing racial issues and sentiment are no more suitable for the modern Malaysia. BN as a government facing many issues eroded the trust of the people such as PKFZ, the stolen of jet engine, petroleum royalty to Kelantan and Terengganu,, Teoh Beng Hock issue, image of SPRM and judiciary. That the problems challenges the leadership of the government to solve. So the finding that popularity of PM is raising and more support for him is contradictory and can be question.

However PR itself is not in a safe condition, more cooperation among the leaders of PR needed. Members and followers need to understand each others and slow down demand and agitation that against each others. So the conference held by PR in Shah Alam on 19 December 2009 could reduce the different among the parties and members. We are confident that PR would be a solid coalition party against the BN. The time and space are open for BN and PR to gain Malaysia and promote the two parties system. Both of parties must work hard to win the hearts of Malaysians.

Bandar Baru Bangi,

15 Muharram 1431
01 January 2010.

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